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Children opening gifts on Christmas morningOur children become the most precious and valuable part of our lives from the time that they are born. All parents love showing off their children and their abilities as well as new childhood achievements. It’s a human nature to be proud of your child and also show even the little ability that the child has. Encouraging early childhood development through play not only produces long-term benefits but allows parents to enjoy their kid’s development stages. Apart from being entertained with toys, children develop their physical and psychological abilities as they play and interact. This is the time when they share and learn new things about the world through exploration, experience and experimentation. That is why as parents, it is important to provide children with toys that enrich their senses. Using their toys during play time will give them an opportunity to develop and learn.

New shapes, textures, colors, tastes, and sounds stimulate the senses of children especially babies. Kids toys with contrasting colors also stimulate vision while encouraging children to achieve developmental benchmark like grasping, reaching, touching and develop hand-eye coordination. As they grow to toddlers, it is time for new adventures and experimentation. Once they can move around and explore new areas, introducing toys to their lives can bring a positive impact on knowledge development, building of self-confidence and fine motor skills. Check out the latest 2015 toys that you need to get for your child.

Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschool

This is the toy that will help transition your child for what to expect when they start school. It’s also a great toy for the ones that are already in school to understand some little basic concept about school and its importance. Just like many preschools, this toy has friends, spots and features over 35 sounds, songs, and phrases.

Anki Overdrive

This is what you get after mixing Mario Kart and Hot Wheels. It is a cool racing game that is controlled with a smartphone. It’s an excellent game that has the latest technology and artificial intelligence. The cars communicate with the race truck to create an exceptional race without necessarily flying off the track. This toy is a combination of two cars and ten track pieces that magnetically attach to each other. Thanks to its flexibility, kids can easy build it up indoors or outdoors.


Give your child a chance to imagine things and fix things at an early age by learning how to use his/her own wits. Puzzlets teaches kids the stem concepts like algorithm and basic chemistry principles like bonding. Your child will understand tough concepts later in life through the current virtual to physical play. This game allows them to plan moves, set the game and execute each command by tapping on the screen to navigate their Dino around the world. Your child’s get to also understand to take responsibility for his or her mistakes and when to be patient.

Electric Loog Guitar

Available at Walmart
Available at Walmart

Nature that young musician talent to a greater celebrity in future. In 2015, the power of the kid-friendly 3-string acoustic guitar is now four times powerful than before. It’s the best toy you can have for your kid if he loves rock or playing guitar.

Spin Master Air Hogs Shadow Launcher

This is a 2-in one RC car and helicopter. You can operate the car separately from the car but in case you want to release the helicopter while the car is on its way, you can do so through the car’s open roof. It’s something cool that any kid would yearn for especially the boys.

There are thousands of toys out there, all you need to do is get online and try to get your kid something that might change his life. Spend a little time with your child in stores or even online and try to get your kid what he needs. Remember! it’s a stage that all kids deserve to go through. You will be the best parent ever.

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