Anki Overdrive Review

anki overdrive
Anki Overdrive Starter Kit available on their website.

The Anki Overdrive is a proof of a real life video-game. It a tiny Al-powered toy that has surprised slot-car and robotics fans since its introduction into the market. It has customizable tracks with hot abilities and designs. The cars stay on the track automatically leaving the racer to concentrate on his racing line and shooting down opponents.

The underneath is made of simple electronics with simple feats of artificial intelligence. They all race few millimeters apart without crashing. The toy has a smartphone app which can be used to adjust position on track or speed to respond how each driver is racing. It can scan the track and feed information back to the app 500 times per second.

anki overdrive 2
Many upgrades available on their website.

The toy has a modular roll-out mat tracks that users can lay out when they want. The tracks are made of high quality plastic pieces that snap together magnetically. The pieces can also be used to create terrain with dead-end cliffs, banked ruffs and bridges. The cars race along a customizable route which is mapped out in real time to know where they will go on the next round.

The car is loaded with many new tricks. For instance, they can fire off virtualized rockets and guns to knock cars out of the race. They can also slingshot around corners by doing u-turns, performing jumps and drifting into plastic barrier alongside turns.

Other video-game inspired features of this toy include ability to level up, gain new weapons and abilities when racing on different tracks. There are also story-lines that include game tournaments which can be played by racing against friends and A.I. driving trials.

The Anki Overdrive has more personality and distinctive styles since it is hand painted with metallic colors and detailed graphics. The early impressions of the toy are strong, although there is still more to learn about the toy. The customisable tracks work very well and the new game modes match the physical developments of this virtual video-game.

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