Toy Review: Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschool

fisher priceThe Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschool is a toy assembly which is considered to be one of the best preschool experiences that you can give a toddler. The assembly is big enough to give the little children an idea of what their preschool may look like. The Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschool comes with a set of 35 preinstalled sounds, songs and phrases to encourage them and make them familiar to the various sounds they are likely to experience when they step out of their homes. You can play those sounds by clicking on the series of buttons spread out on the base of the playhouse. The complete set includes human figures, tables, chairs and other accessories that a child is likely to find in their preschools.

The best things of The Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschool are:

  1. The system is battery operated and can last for long time before changing the battery sets. The battery housing section is well hid and there is no risk whatsoever of those batteries being exposed to your child.
  2. The buttons on the rug are colorful and soft that readily attracts the children on pressing them. Upon pressing those buttons, the system plays out different songs, phrases and sounds. The phrases include the descriptions of how the animals sound, encouraging and guiding the children for the next activities etc.
  3. The whole play station is pretty big and for a toddler, the size is enough to give them a vague idea about the preschools. There are figures that represent the teachers and at the pressing of the buttons in the “Magical” rug, the figures sound like original teachers and utter preinstalled commands and encouraging words to the children.
  4. The material of which the entire The Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschool is made of is very standard set of sturdy plastic. There are no sharp edges which can harm the little children. The plastic material is not toxic but it is advised to the parents to look after their children while playing with it so that they don’t put anything in their mouth or lick any parts.
  5. The “Magical Rug” or the base board is very colorful and catches the attention of the little ones very easily. They become more inclined to push the buttons that play the music and easily gets associated with the variety of sounds.

There are obviously some demerits of this product, which are:

  1. The sound settings are quite loud and sometimes it can be felt that the sounds should have been a couple tones quieter.
  2. The number of human figures is just limited to 3. A couple of more figures could have easily been added to represent the fellow students in preschool.
  3. The clarity of the prerecorded voice seems to deteriorate a little bit with time.
  4. The power button is at the bottom of the set. That means, accidentally the power switch might turn off during play and that can upset the children to great extent.

Overall, the product is very good for the toddlers to have an idea about what they are going to learn at preschools. The Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschool helps giving them a head start and at the same time keeps the children happy by becoming their favorite playing companion.


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