How To Save Money on Christmas Toys and Presents!

Children opening gifts on Christmas morningChristmas is undoubtedly one of the happiest times of the year for families all around the world. However, it can be an extremely expensive period and the struggle to buy the toys and presents you’d like within a tight budget can be stressful. Fortunately, you can follow the tips outlined in the paragraphs below to make significant savings over the Christmas period and make your budget stretch a lot further. Individually, some of the tips may only save you a little money; however, when you add all the savings tips together you’ll be amazed at just how much you’ve been able to save!

Tip #1 – Save Money Getting Your Carpet Cleaned

A man cleans the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.If you’re having family or friends over to celebrate Christmas, then you are going to want your home to look at its absolute best. As part of getting your home spick and span for Christmas you may want to hire the services of a carpet cleaning service. If you’re looking to cut costs so you have more money for Christmas toys, then this may be one area to economise on. If you definitely want a professional to clean your carpets, then you should try to at least look for a budget service that is offering a discount. However, your best option is to spend an extra hour cleaning your carpet yourself and making sure it it immaculately clean. This will ensure your carpets look fantastic without you having to shell out even one penny of your budget on a cleaning service!

Tip #2 – Buy The Older Version of the Same Toy

Cute little toddler boy, playing at home with soldiers and figurAn awesome Christmas saving tip is to get your kids a slightly older yet still fantastic of the same toy they want. Toy companies pay expensive advertising companies millions of dollars to make kids think that only the latest and greatest toy will do. However, buying the most up to date version of any toy or item is normally not the best way to spend you money if you want the best deal. Consider getting a previous version of the same core version and your kids will still have huge amounts of fun but at a significantly reduced cost. An easy to understand example of how you could put this tip into action is to buy your kids a Playstation 3 console instead of a Playstation 4. The PS3 can be bought for roughly half the cost of the newer model and has a far wider selection of games, most of which are sold at a much lower price. At a future Christmas, after the price of the PS4 has dropped you could then buy them the newer console!

Tip #3 – Build Up Voucher Points Throughout The Year

There’s no more welcome sight to parents in the run up to Christmas than a large pile of discount vouchers, which will be used to make huge savings when making toy purchases! By shopping smartly at the correct supermarkets and online stores it is highly realistic to build up hundreds of dollars worth in vouchers across the year in the build-up to Christmas.

Tip #4 – Give Some Gifts As Notes To Be Bought In The Sales

Everyone knows that as soon as Christmas is over and January arrives that prices for the exact same selection of toys will drop by a massive amount. The question is, how can you still enjoy Christmas to the full but take advantage of the January sales? The way to do this is to give a few of the presents you plan on giving to your kids in note form. Of course, you have to give a reason, such as saying that you want them to choose the color of the toy themselves, in the shop and have arranged for them to buy the gift as part of a family day out in January!

Tip #5 – Use Online Discount Finder Tools

There’s absolutely no point in paying more than you need to for the exact same toy. Unfortunately that’s exactly what many people do, as they don’t spend a couple of minutes comparing prices online to make sure they get the best deal. Before you purchase any Christmas toy, first hop online and compare prices both online and offline using one of the many helpful comparison tools and you will be certain to make savings across the board.


Christmas is an expensive time of the year. However, don’t make it more expensive than it needs to be! Follow the tips above and you can make serious savings that will take financial pressure off of your shoulders and make the festive season more enjoyable for you!

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