Review: Pie Face Game by Hasbro

pie face gameHasbro is an International company, which has been committed to provide some of the best play experiences to the world. Its products includes, toys and games, television programming, motion pictures, digital gaming and a comprehensive lifestyle licensing program.

The company was founded in the year 1923 and since then, it has been passionate about fulfilling the world’s playing requirements through its beloved brands, namely, Magic: The Gathering, Nerf, My Little Pony, Little Pet Shop, Transformers, Play Doh and Monopoly. The company has been specially known for its product safety, ethical manufacturing and philanthropy.

Pie Face Game

Have you ever wished to throw a pie in anybody’s face? Hasbro has brought the “Pie Face Game” for you, in order to help you throw pie in your friends’ faces and sweeten up your gaming night. This game is a lot of fun and is filled with suspense. The game board built box of the Face Pie comes with a sheet with four-character backdrop and thirteen pieces of pie. There are four types of flavors of these pies, including three fruit flavors and one yucky flavor.

Assembling the parts: Firstly, take out the four characters at the backdrop. Then, slip them at the back of the box. You will have to put the center position of the bottom edge, between the edge of the outside box and the build-up game board. The tab shaped portions of both the end of the bottom edge has to be put in the two two slots cut, that there at the back-edge of the game board.

Arrange the pie pieces: Get those thirteen pie pieces out of the pie sheet. Then mix them up and randomly put the pieces in the crust of the pie of the game board. Place one pie at each slot. Then, rotate the box a few times, so that, the players do not remember the order of the pie flavors.

How to play the Pie Face Game?

Once you have arranged everything, it is time to start with the fun. You along with your friends have to decide on which character you want to opt for, i.e., which character do you want to feed. Once you have chosen the character, you can ask the first player to take the turn.

Now, choose any one piece of the pie and slide it into the slot, if it belongs to the character you have chosen. Splat it into his or her face and your turn is over. If the pie piece does not belong to your character, show it to the other players and put it back to the slot. Your turn is over, so pass it to the next player.

You can even consider loading the plastic arm with some delicious whipped cream and start turning the handles. The Players will have to turn the handle a number of times, in order to build the tension on the arm, which will ultimately result in the release of the whipped cream right into the player’s face. The pie throwing arm can go off any moment, so keep your fingers crossed.

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