A Review of Shopkin’s Fashion Boutique Playset

shopkins boutique playsetThere are numerous children’s p toys out there, and all of them offer different functionalities. One of the most popular pieces out there is Shopkin’s fashion boutique playset. It’s an all-inclusive piece rolled out for children at the age of 5 and above. It allows kids to assemble different characters in the way they want, with options such as riding elevator full with all the pieces and sliding down a great slope.

Features of the set

It comes in one full unit

With this unit, your child will be able to assemble a series of scenarios in any way they deem fit. There are 4 movable characters, creating that great feel adored by children. There is a great elevator that the characters can ride up and down, and there is a great slide that your child can send characters tumbling over with minimal ease.

Customizable characters

The 4 movable characters can be customized, giving your child the flexibility to personalize different scenarios according to their own preferences.

A variety of colors

With this set comes a sense of variety and choice. If your child is more attracted to one color over others, then you can always go for something that works for them.


The set is easy to understand and manage

It is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 16, and the manufacturer has their level of imagination in every aspect of its construction. Kids within these ages will find it easy to navigate through the different scenarios, which also allow them to put their imaginative skills to work.

Shopkin’s comes as an all-in-one set

There are many toy sets out there, but very few of them come with all-in-one functionalities. This one throws in a little bit of everything. There is even a boutique playground for your kids to assemble their items in.

Shopkin’s has an interactive approach

The goal of this set is to lead the player towards certain directions. There are pointers for your child, and the final motivation is to let them interact with the unit, allowing them to think independently and come up with deductive reasoning strategies.

The toy comes in appropriate dimensions

Children between the ages of 5 and 16 have a particular attraction to playing sets that come in sizes they consider appropriate for their ages. This set is only 26 centimeters in height, 37.5 centimeters in width and weighs only 0.6 kilograms.

The product is durable

Shopkin’s Fashion Boutique Playset is made up of strong and sturdy materials which fit with the kind of environment in which kids play. It is therefore designed to stand the test of time.


The set is expensive

While customers agree that their children love this toy, there is the feeling that the price is quite over the top. On Amazon,it goes for $47.99.

Unsuitable for children younger than 4 years old

This toy contains small substances that can be ingested, which means that small children run the risk of choking on swallowed parts.

Shopkin’s toy set is a great asset for kids of age 5 and above. While it has several drawbacks, it is still highly preferred.

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