Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T RexPrehistoric creatures will always have a massive appeal to most modern children, and since the T-Rex is seen as the undisputed king of them all, the new Imaginext Ultra T-Rex toy will certainly fulfill your little paleontologist’s desire for creepy dinosaur adventures. And this isn’t just an ordinary dinosaur for that matter. It’s a two-and-a-half feet tall mega structure controlled by two mean-looking warriors.

With the help of Power Pads, children can get him standing, walking, launching boulders, chomping and firing projectiles, all with fearsome LEDs in his eyes and spikes and some realistic sound effects. Just like the king of the dinosaurs it is, the Ultra T-Rex is sure to conquer any Jurassic rival and every single toy in your little monster lover’s collection.

Cool Features

Loaded with accessories

Unlike most other toys of its class, the Ultra T-Rex comes with a ton of fun accessories, making it quite an interactive piece of fun. These include, four projectiles, four boulders that can be fired straight out of the dino’s chest and three warrior figures who can be accessorized using gliders or helmets.

Power Pad for forward movement

The electric motion, assisted and kept in balance by two sets of wheels, has to be the coolest feature of this Ultra T-Rex. By turning one of the Power Pads located on the tail, the dinosaur makes four steps forward while roaring frighteningly. Well, at least frightening enough to make your five-year old jump in glee.

Left hip Power Pad for rising up

At two and a half feet, your little one will certainly get mesmerized by the T-Rex’s imposing size. And by turning the left hip power pad, the creature rises to its full height as spikes and eyes get lit with LEDs. For the really young ones, this might be quite intimidating at first, but then all that fear turns into utter excitement over time.

Third Power Pad for jaw movement

And what’s a T-Rex without those huge ferocious jaws? Once the third Power Pad is turned, the jaws open and close smoothly, eliciting some shrieks of excitement in the process. And if you don’t run faster when the jaws open, projectiles fired from the mouth will scorch you alive!


  1. The toy offers interactive features that allow for two or more kids to enjoy hours of battle scenarios and adventures together.
  2. Adults who still enjoy toys will find this interesting too. If mom and dad like it, then it becomes an important tool of family bonding.
  3. It’s a product of Fisher-Price. You’re hence guaranteed of quality.


  1. Assembling is a little bit complicated. and kids might find it hard to fix issues in the absence of an adult.
  2. Before letting your kid loose with this toy, you might want to move your fine china and glasses to a safer place first.

So, is the Ultra T-Rex worth buying?

Absolutely. It takes only a few days before kids they get tired of their new toys and start crying for new ones. But with the T-Rex’s unparalleled interactive quality, you are sure to have your child transfixed on it for months to come. This will at the very least save you a few dollars.

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